June 12, 2009

To whom it may concern:
Brian Davis was the software developer & project manager assigned to Object Reservoir, Inc. for our implementation of the Adaptive Planning application in April and May of this year. I am solely responsible for the implementation within Object Reservoir so I worked with Brian for about 6 weeks from project kickoff through about 80% of completion.

I found Brian to be very good at converting our prerequisites information into the basic foundation of the program and then communicating with me as we worked on the detailed design required to meet our operational needs. He developed a good project plan, was well organized and tracked responsibilities accurately.

From my perspective, Brian was hard working and out project made excellent progress week-to-week under his leadership. Especially important to me, Brian understood the accounting issues that were critical to developing an accurate financial forecasting tool. Lastly, in his training role, Brian was patient and quick to understand questions, issues and concerns that I had.

I was very disappointed when Brian left Adaptive Planning and am happy to recommend him for a similar role in any company that needs his skills.

Steven Wells
Manager of Finance and Administration

My name is Jeff Hinds and I am the program manager for my companies’ sales and administration tools.  I am writing this message to convey a recommendation for Brian Davis. Our company worked with Adaptive Planning to implement a forecasting & budgeting tool. Our requirements were unique and therefore required unique set-up and modifications as well as subsequent handholding, training and implementation. Brian was our implementer who walked us through the process. Working with me from our team was Martin Hambalek as our Director of IT and Melanie Smith our Accounting Manager. We all felt that Brian did a good job and would work with him again given an opportunity.

Brian was very knowledgeable of the Adaptive Planning software and brought good business expertise to our project as well. He quickly was able to come up speed on our requirements and translate that into a working model for the software. Brian seemed results oriented, was a good communicator, had strong program management capabilities and a good grasp of the tool. In addition, Brian was very responsive to our needs. We would all recommend Brian to anyone looking for expertise on a forecasting and budgeting tool and specifically as a consultant on the Adaptive Planning software.

Best Regards,
Jeff Hinds – Program Manager
Martin Hambalek – IT Director
Melanie Smith – Accounting Manager

July 5, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:
Brian Davis is one of the most talented consultative professionals I have worked with. He is confident in his ability, professional in his demeanor and all around enjoyable to work with such a capable individual. Brian is dependable and very responsive with his commitments. If I have a problem I need to solve, I know I can count on Brian to deliver the solution in a timely fashion. I am struck by the intelligence Brian brings to his work and takes pride in what he does.

In my Finance profession, I use a financial forecasting tool that involves complicated aspects to the modeling. I had to build certain formulaic modules, such as deferred revenue forecasting and use of credit lines with diverging assumptions. Brian aptly understood the requirements and objectives, and thought through the best suggested approach for me to go about our modeling. He collaborated with me and helped to build the model, creating multiple assumptions, which sometimes wasn’t the easiest to figure out as they caused circular referencing. Brian was able to think of work around ways to build the model and removed the referencing that didn’t work.

I highly recommend Brian Davis to consult on future engagement needs, and would gladly work with him again.

Cheryl Wong
Vice President of Finance

“In implementing the Adaptive Planning software, Brian was adept at turning our odd operating quirks into sustainable models in their budgeting software. Our budgeting process was revolutionized not only by Adaptive's product, but by Brian's ability to integrate our business processes with Adaptive and provide an easily understandable user interface. End user training takes 15 minutes- no joke.”June 9, 2009

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Brian Davis
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